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The conference “Art, Participation and Public Space” took place in Seville on February 22 and 23 and is part of the research project FACTIBLES that aims to recognize contexts, formats and strategies of the most outstanding participatory art practices for the recovery, improvement and inclusive appropriation of public space. The synergies between FACTIBLES and CoNECT, both in terms of the topics of study and the people involved, are very important and that is why we decided to collaborate. Antonio García García, who is responsible for the FACTIBLES project and researcher in CoNECT, participated in the presentation of the Seminar together with Marian Pérez Bernal as researcher of CoNECT. In the Seminar we were able to learn about the experiences of Nomad Garden and Fundación Alalá, which are associations with which we also work in CoNECT.

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