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Las Comadres, León XIII (Sevilla)

On March 13 we visited and talked with the promoters and owners of Las Comadres. An establishment that sells organic, artisanal and local products that, without renouncing its pride as a store, is also a means of learning, a meeting point, a space open to creativity and an asset in local networks that rethink in terms of responsible consumption and food sovereignty.


Another formula of community resilience that is built from the initiative of two women with clear ideas that from the beginning have wanted to develop their project in an urban environment different from the most common in this type of business. In a neighborhood that straddles the socially more modest and multicultural northern peripheral areas and the reactivated and gentrified north of the historic center. A lively residential and commercial environment, defined by the mix of its own location, which facilitates diverse demographic and social profiles to be co-participants of different and responsible ways of consuming.


On this occasion we have been accompanied by students of the Degree in Geography and History of the University Pablo de Olavide, from the subjects "Gender, Society and Culture" and "City and Urbanism", collaborating with CoNECT. From the experience of Las Comadres they have recorded a podcast in RadiOlavide about ecofeminism and will prepare a route through the neighborhood to expose to other colleagues the interest of experiences that take up and review the urban-rural hybridism as a social and ecological opportunity.

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