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Neighborhood Association Parque Estoril, Cerro del Águila (Seville)

On Thursday, February 8, we met with the president and three members of the Neighborhood Association Parque Estoril, in the neighborhood of Cerro del Águila, Seville.


After three decades of work in claiming a public space for all and proposing a wide range of actions for community cohesion in the neighborhood, they are a reference to learn from.


Their baggage is a story of conquest and appropriation. The necessary story to achieve the physical, functional and symbolic recovery of a public space - Poeta Miguel Hernández square - in a modest neighborhood on the outskirts of Seville. And the product of doing so with a participatory and collaborative project. In the design of the space, in its uses or in learning the channels of political representation.


A public space with trees, benches and games, where there is also room for a sports facility, a school garden or, more recently incorporated, a community center claimed for many years. A place in the full sense of the word, which supports daily life and mutates with festive gatherings, art workshops and others. It is also a stage for negotiation between different points of view.

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