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Salva tus árboles (Sevilla)

Updated: Jan 17

On November 16, we met with two of the founding members of the group “Salva tus árboles” for an interview in the center of Sevilla, the city where the group is active. They have been working very hard for over 5 years to protect every single tree in the city and to push for better and more transparent management. They are a group of citizens that work independently, without external funding, publishing information and resources mainly through Twitter.

They do a lot of work on documentation of the state of trees and especially of their cutting down. One of their biggest projects has been to push the municipality of Sevilla to fulfill their duties and publish the corresponding public report every time they cut down a tree. Step by step, they keep track of what is done to and about trees, fighting to increase the accountability of public officials and advocating for the trees in the urban environment.

After our conversation, it was impossible to see the city in the same manner. Walking through the streets of Sevilla, you start to consciously notice the trees -or the lack of them-, how they are shaped by the cement and the roads, how they shape how and where people walk on the sidewalks. They are an integral part of our urban environment and they are a key element of the health of the cities.

You can find more information in their website and in their X (aka Twitter) profile:

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