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The UPO team organizes an event at the Researchers’ Night in Sevilla

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Last September 29th, our team presented the project in the open forum of the Researchers’ Night. The activity took place in Plaza Nueva, near Sevilla’s town hall, in the center of the city, and it was attended by around 20 people.

The activity was open to all, and the goal was to make research accessible to other types of public. We talked about urban resilience, as linked to the main global problems, including the so-called climate emergency, and that takes as a reference specific and diverse experiences that are significant, especially at the socio-community level and from the point of view of social cohesion. We tried to transmit the idea of the project not from the definition of these concepts and the establishment of a theoretical framework but in a simpler and more entertaining way, which consisted of an exhibition of expressive photographs.

Antonio, Jose and Marian first presented the CoNECT project and UPO’s participation in it, making an emphasis on the multidisciplinarity of the team. They then proceeded to introduce some of the intiatives that the project has collected information about and their relevance. We presented, through images, the work of Mosaikfabriken in Gothenbourg, Zone Sensible in Paris, Omslag Werkplaats voor Duurzame Ontwikkeling in Eindhoven, and that of two initiatives in Seville, Parque Estoril and Jardines en el Aire.

From the point of view of the general methodology, we commented on the interest of Citizen Science and the generation of networked and "back and forth" learning. We concluded with a reflection on the possible links of these experiences with the 2030 Agenda and its SDGs, highlighting their participatory, social and community components.

All in all, a successful event that brought our research a bit closer to the general public.

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