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CoNECT (Collective Networks for Everyday Community Resilience and Ecological Transition) is a European research project that aims to study and catalyze collective action networks in six EU countries: Sweden, Romania, Norway, Spain, the Netherlands and France.

Underlining the importance of community resilience, CoNECT aims to encourage collaboration between citizens, researchers and municipalities in the partner countries, in order to stimulate the organizing capacity of communities by recognizing, mapping, connecting and strengthening everyday practices of collective resilience.

The project attends to the needs of cities and neighbourhood communities and aims to increase capacity for local processes of ecological transition grounded in urban liveability, justice, inclusivity and active community engagement in several European contexts: Bucharest, Sibiu, Paris St Denis and Bagneux, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, Seville, Eindhoven, and Rotterdam.

The role of practitioners is emphasised as initiators, mediators or leaders of multistakeholder collaborative networks.

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