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The Association for Urban Transition

Who we are

The Association for Urban Transition is a think-tank that deals with urban issues such as urban development, urban policy, urban culture and heritage, sustainable mobility and public space, collective housing, and social exclusion. Established as a non-governmental organisation in 2001, ATU has always endorsed interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary studies, and approaches, focusing on one main issue: 'the city.' 

To read more about us, visit our website here.

Our role in the project

ATU acts as Project Coordinator (PC): it represents the consortium and the project, and serves as the main contact point for the formal communication between the project and the JPI, reporting included. As leader of WP5 (Project Management including Innovation Management Plan), ATU ensures the project coordination and management of risks so that the project reaches its goals.

Over the past two decades, ATU has grown meaningful relationships with institutions and communities in Bucharest, on which to build new frames and modes of collaboration for the ecological transition. The CoNECT consortium stemmed from past collaborations with members of the French, Dutch, Norwegian and Spanish teams. The project is a natural extension of the work started with AAA, towards a strategic action platform for Citizens and the city in ecological transition. The project is also a natural continuation of a recently finished JPI project called Urban Education Live, carried with partners from Finland, Uk, and Slovenia in order to explore new modes of collaboration between universities and urban communities.

What ‘resilience’ means to us

Our work definition for resilience in the context of this project is the capacity of  a community to withstand, adapt and recover from adverse events while also building long-term capacity through the mechanisms of setting up spaces and practices of everyday resilience at the neighborhood scale, through complex partnerships, required to scale up and enhance the transformational agency of local civic dynamics.

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