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Again X

Who we are

Again X addresses one of the biggest challenges of our time: how can we improve and more sustainably manage the existing buildings in our cities without demolishing and building new ones.

We have created a means to achieve this because we believe in a sustainable, circular and responsible future.

The team behind Again X is a multi-disciplinary operational unit supported by a network of national and international advisors all focused on changing how we manage the built environment.

To read more about us, visit our website here.

Our role in the project

Again X is responsible for the creation of a flexible digital platform that enables knowledge sharing between CoNect Labs across six European contexts. The platform will allow co-creation of methods and tools for strategic transnational action across Europe. We will also create channels that allow communication at the local / community level bridging the gap between built environment professionals, urban authorities, and civic initiatives within local and international networks.

Our goals:

  1. Provide a platform that is engaging, inclusive, and communitive towards the wider audience.

  2. The platform will be developed as a collaborative infrastructure based on open-source digital tools and incorporating the functions of co-design, e-learning, co-governance, dissemination and communication.

  3. Incorporate digital interaction at the local / community level for intra-community needs for citizen participation.

What ‘resilience’ means to us

We believe that resilience at community level is increased by communication, by better knowing and understanding each others strengths and how each individual could be bart of the group.

Resilience for us translates also into a better understaning the available ressources, including the physical ones, materials and spaces. By making all these visible, trasnparent and available, we can create more resilient communities.

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