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Pablo de Olavide University

Who we are

Global Change Research Lab (UPO Sevilla) is a team made up of researchers from different disciplines (Human Geography, Regional Geographic Analysis, Environmental Sciences, Architecture, Sociology, Philosophy...) interested in analyzing collective action networks and the community organization capacity of interdisciplinary way. Although some members have recently joined the project, there is already an important track record of working together among many of the members. 

Our role in the project

For us as a working group, CoNECT is a very interesting project because it allows the exchange of knowledge between researchers from very different areas, thus enriching individual perspectives. Analyzing the different facets that each area shows us of everyday resilience practices allows us to better assess their usefulness and discover how they could be helped. This in turn will be enriched by the research conducted by the other groups in the other countries. In the CoNECT project we act as coordinator of the Spanish team and co-leader of the WP2: CoNECT Labs.

What ‘resilience’ means to us

Following Eric Klinemberg's approaches in Palaces for the People, we consider it necessary to revisit the public urban space as a network that allows the establishment of connections that help to build a more collaborative society. Analyzing these shared spaces, how they work, how they have been created and what difficulties they encounter can be a way to find integrated and sustainable urban development strategies in a situation of ecological transition. At all times we will keep in mind the possible different needs between men and women taking into account both biological (sex) and social and cultural (gender) aspects.

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