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CoNECT on the radio (Sevilla)

The desire to give visibility to research projects such as CoNECT, which understand that the living city and the way of making a city go hand in hand, was the focus of the interview with Antonio García on the program Puerta Abierta, on NEO FM radio station, on November 22nd.

The program devotes an hour a week to educational issues and in this case was directed to how international and national research projects in the framework of the social sciences arise and what topics they deal with.

Antonio presented the CoNECT project, explaining the interest of a European and interdisciplinary network that gives protagonist value to concrete initiatives of community resilience, understood from their own contexts and promoting spaces for learning and transfer between the research groups themselves and between them and society itself.

In an open conversation, the focus is on how what seems to be far from producing changes in our cities on a broad scale, in the face of major challenges such as the climate emergency or the trivialization of urban life, has an enormous capacity to favor daily experience, to unite citizens and to germinate synergies and new actions and collaborations.

A small space in a local radio, where university research must also be present.

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