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CoNECT, Philosophy and Republicanism

Within the framework of the X Congress of the Academic Society of Philosophy, “Democracy, emancipation and social suffering. Proposals for an uncertain future” held in Granada from October 25 to 27, 2023, Marian Pérez Bernal presented the paper "The values of Republicanism help us to analyze citizen networks from Seville to Stockholm in the 21st century. The importance of the presence of Philosophy in the ERA-NET projects" in which the contributions that can be made from Philosophy in the CoNECT project were raised.

Starting from the thesis that the ideals defended by Republicanism can be useful when analyzing and strengthening everyday community practices, which are a fundamental tool both from the perspective of ecological transition and the strengthening of democracy. Republicanism consists not only in the ability to elect the head of state but fundamentally in returning power to the citizens by favoring their participation and ensuring a certain equity that prevents excessive inequalities. Analyzing the material foundations of social life from the values of classical and modern republicanism can help us to better understand what reforms from the material point of view would help to create a world more in line with the values we want to defend. According to Victoria Camps, democracy should be the search for the satisfaction of common needs and interests. To achieve this, it is necessary to build a climate of collaboration and cooperation. The purpose of public virtues would be to help create such a climate. The proper functioning of society will depend on virtues such as solidarity, tolerance and collective responsibility. The analysis of republican values and public virtues will help us to rethink how human interaction and citizen participation in shared projects can contribute to social cohesion.

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